Authentic Canary Island Gastronomy at Hotel La Siesta - Tenerife




Restaurant “El Drago”



The Drago Restaurant at Hotel La Siesta has capacity for more than 600 people, natural light and views of the terrace-garden. The Hotel La Siesta restaurant offers an exquisite and varied breakfast buffet. And particularly interesting at dinner is the “live show cooking” and super complete buffet which has everything from fresh pasta to delicious show-cooking specialties from the grill in addition to a great variety of salads. Our chef always offers a personal touch to the dishes with a fusion of flavours and smells that make them a mix of modernity and tradition. Men are asked to observe the Dress Code established at the hotel for dinner only.



"El Bohío" Snack Bar



The Bohío Snack Bar at Hotel La Siesta, is known for an informal atmosphere next to the hotel’s spectacular pool. You can enjoy a wide range of salads, snacks and sandwiches. Plus, you can order all types of refreshing drinks, juices, ice creams and fruit.



“La Palapa” Bar



The Palapa Bar at Hotel La Siesta is in the middle of the hotel with access to the spacious outdoor terrace and views of our pool, surrounded by lush vegetation. This bar has a wonderful atmosphere and offers coffee and attractive cocktails. It’s the perfect place to have a drink after dinner and enjoy live shows.



Themed dinners



The themed dinners at Hotel La Siesta are great for getting to know the various gastronomic cultures around the world and conquering the different tastes each offers. Hotel La Siesta prepares a different themed dinner each night. Some of them are served at the outdoor Palapa such as the special BBQ each week during which our clients can enjoy our best selection of special dishes in the open air.

Plus, you can enjoy our spectacular Canary Island dinner with a wide range of products and dishes from our own culture such as mojo picón, gofio amasado and much more… Hotel La Siesta also offers the best of Italian, Mexican and even Oriental cuisine so you can try the flavours of different cultures always in a perfect and unique atmosphere - Southern Tenerife.



Enjoy the “All-Inclusive”



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