Be aware that from 14/11/2020 all visitors over the age of six who are not arriving from Canary Islands must present a certificate that is officially recognised by the healthcare authorities to show that they have tested negative for active COVID-19 infection in the past 72 hours. Get full information HERE


Travel assistance coverage guaranteed by the Canary Islands Government


The Department of Tourism, Industry and Trade of the Canary Islands Government has signed an agreement with AXA Spain to take out a travel assistance policy applicable to all tourists travelling to the Islands, whether foreign or domestic, and to respond to incidents related to the Covid-19, including the need to extend stays by quarantine.

For more information, you can download the following document or visit the link




  • We ensure social distance between our customers and our employees.
  • We control the temperature of our customers on arrival.
  • We implement all necessary specific protection measures:
    - Payment system by the room key at the points of sale, and priority is given to payment by Contactless credit card, minimizing as much as possible the payment in cash.
    - Disinfection of room keys and payment terminal after each use.
  • Staff trained in Covid-19 certified by QUIRÓN PREVENCIÓN, equipped with the necessary Individual Protection Equipment.



  • We increase the frequency of cleaning and ventilation in common areas, with special attention to the bathrooms.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel available to clients in the main locations of the hotel.
  • We establish maximum capacities to maintain the minimum safety distance between people.




  • We reinforce our cleaning and disinfection protocols, with products with a virucidal effect, emphasizing the surfaces of greatest use (knobs, switches, taps, or doors).
  • Our rooms will not be occupied for 24 hours after each departure of the occupant.
  • We offer the possibility to refuse our cleaning service for a maximum of 4 nights.
  • The bedding and textiles will be cleaned in a certified laundry, at temperatures and with specific programs to guarantee hygiene.
  • We remove decorative elements, such as cushions, bedding, and non-essential stationery.
  • Staff with specific training in Covid-19 and certified by QUIRÓNPREVENCIÓN, equipped with the necessary Individual Protection Equipment




  • Seating in restaurants and bars is limited to ensure minimum safety distance. 
  • Tables shall be located at least two metres apart. 
  • The buffet service will be assisted according to regulations. 
  • Water-alcoholic gel point at the entrance of each restaurant and bar. 
  • Specific disinfection of kitchenware, cutlery, crockery, glassware, tables, chairs, before and after each use. 
  • Use of single doses instead of bulk services. 
  • We implemented a QR system to facilitate our services in a safe way. 
  • Staff with specific training in the Covid-19 and certified by QUIRÓNPREVENCIÓN, equipped with the necessary Individual Protection Equipment.




  • The capacity is limited, distributing hammocks, umbrellas, and side tables, guaranteeing the minimum safety distance.
  • The frequency of cleaning and maintenance is increased, disinfecting all surfaces according to protocols. 
  • The use of spaces not close to the pool is promoted, such as our chill-outs and solariums, to enjoy the sun.





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