Wellness Center in Hotel La Siesta - Tenerife



Right inside Hotel La Siesta is the Spa & Wellness Center "NATURAL", where you may enjoy its more than 500 square metres of recreational-thermal sensations and rest your body and mind all at the same time. This is the balance offered at Natural through its different circuits and beauty and health treatments. The main goal is regaining some energy and experiencing complete wellness.
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Water Area


The Natural Wellness Centre Spa at Hotel La Siesta (access permitted only for those over 16) is a 500 m2 place with the necessary facilities for the wellness and relaxation you deserve while on holiday. The decoration and equipment invite you to rest to get that comprehensive balance which is so necessary in order to forget about all the stress of daily life.


The circuit path is comprised of the following elements:

  • Pool water circuit with pressurised water jets for stimulating massages and a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
  • Sauna, which, among other benefits, eliminates toxins and deep cleans the epidermis.
  • Steam Bath, which is recommended to revitalise the tissues and stimulate the nervous and hormonal systems.
  • Sanarium, This concept combines the benefits of a sauna and steam bath with a lower temperature and less moisture for people with low blood pressure problems.
  • Jacuzzi, which is recommended for fighting stress, offers a relaxing effect and is also appropriate for blood circulation and cardiac activity.
  • Contrast showers, The combination of the different effects tones and perfectly stimulates.
  • Thermal chairs, for complete relaxation and harmony.


Treatments Area


The Hotel La Siesta treatment area is comprised of two massage cabins, an aesthetic cabin and two hydrotherapy cabins. You’ll receive a professional treatment service with quality products.
Let you pamper with :


  • Facial treatments: facial oxygenation, lifting and anti-ageing, etc.
  • Body treatments: therapeutic, anti-cellulitis, aroma therapy, reflexology, special treatments with chocolate, hot stones, etc.
  • Hair removal and hair colouring.
  • Hydrotherapy: 1 hydrotherapy tub with salts and essences for an aromatherapy treatment and a Vichy bed to get the benefits of a tonifying massage while feeling the vaporised water jets.


Other services: bIn addition to these services, the Natural Wellness Centre Spa has a beauty salon and offers manicures and pedicures.




The Hotel La Siesta Gym is equipped with a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer and weight racks so our most athletic clients can continue to stay fit during their holiday.



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